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January 29, 2008
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Bill the drow here again, on my lunch break from the office and sitting in the break area.  I'm sitting around, waiting for people to throw what they don't eat away so that I can have something.

... don't look at me like that >__>.  Like YOU'RE perfect!!  Money's been tight, alright?  Gah the apartments here are expensive.  Luckily this really nice guy who calls himself Pimp Daddy Joe put me up in a nice place.  He even got me a part time job after hours.   I get to start tonight, he said.  Can't wait!!  Apparently a client or something is coming over later.  A nice gentlemen Pimp Daddy Joe says.  I wonder what we're going to do.  I'm supposed to keep him company ^____^.  Maybe we'll play Scrabble!!

Anyway, the TV is on and I notice something that catches my eye.  Its a music video about a boy band ... but dammit for some reason the people dancing look familiar.  Why the hell do they look so friggen familiar ....?

They call themselves Drow Right.  Kinda dumb name, but I guess its because they're all wearing fake elven ears and painted skin like mine is naturally.  Tch, posers.

The women in the lunch area are going nuts, fawning and flaunting.  So not fair.  Why won't anyone fawn over Bill?  I'm the real deal!!  Not some faker >_>.  Don't get me wrong, I've TRIED to dance all sexified for the ladies ... but for some reason a unanimous pepper spray sent me away with shame and red eyes ... well .... redER.  I am drow and all.  Red eyes a given for most of us.

Why do they look so friggen familiar?  

It hits me then.  I've SEEN them all before.  The one on the right was that girly boy with the hot ninja babe, Xytres or Misery ... whatever he's called this week.  I'm guessing given the purple tattoo he's trying to be the “bad boy” of the group.  Tch, like he can consider himself a “bad boy” after dancing like that >__>.  Then again by the hair cut and everything, he has a pretty boy look to him too.  Guy's trying to multitask in a boyband O_o ... odd.

The one on the far left has scars on his body in various places, worn like a badge.  I had heard about him when living in Menzoberranzan.  He was a scout to that Braegan D' Frickster mercenary place, the name of Valas Hune I think.  He's got a serious look on his face, like he's empty inside and not much for caring about the popularity.  If there were THE MAN on stage, it would have been that guy.

And of course the guy in the middle was ... OMG!!!  I reach down my pants and rip off my man-thong, throwing it at the TV in girlhood glee!!!  “DRIZZT!!!!  OMG ITS DRIZZT!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

There of course was the awkward moment of silence when I realize what I've done ... and so have the other girls gathering around the TV who were previously screaming in fan girl glee but NOW simply staring at me in horrified awe and fear at what I've done as well.

This won't end well, will it?


Well I'm wandering the streets of the city, having been quite fired for my act in the lunch lounge.  I can't say I'm really surprised.  If I had a dollar for everytime thats happened, I wouldn't really need to work now would I?  

Walking though, I see the Drow Boy Band dancing on the TV's at an electronic shop.  Something catches my attention though.  Usually, there are FOUR members, not three.

Maybe ....

MAYBE THEY NEED ANOTHER MEMBER!!!  Oh god that would be SOOO cool. I would be such a sexy member of that band ... ya know ... sorta?

... you can stop vomiting now >_>.  You're hurting my feelings.

PART 2!!!

This one is inspired by my beautiful wife.

More of the Drow Boy Band to come!!

Xytres is mine

Drizzt and Valas belong to R.A. Salvatore and WotC.

Have a nice day ^__^
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This amuses me, oh so very much!
lol when he threw his thong I laughed. Poor silly spuntaneous Bill. He so badly wants to be a Drizzt lol. Just keep at it Bill, your ticket to stardom may happen yet :)
Bill: I would wear Drizzt's skin O_O
lol I bet he would. Ewwwwww :giggle:
DaimyoShi Feb 1, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Well there are worse jobs for Bill, I see chairs in his future though.
And what kind of chairs are those?
DaimyoShi Feb 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
There chairs they kept throwin in the Boy band Chibi!

Dari: O.o what is a man thong?
Bill: Its like a girl thong ... just worn by me :D
Dari: ... what is a girl thong? O.o And aren't you a male... so why are you wearing female things?
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